Clark Air Base

Clark Air Base is in Pampanga, 50 miles north of Manila and approximately 1,000 miles (2 hours flying time) from Hanoi.  In 1973, it covered 129,705 acres and is considered the largest U.S. Air Force installation outside the United States.  The base had a combined U.S.-Philippine population of 40,000 approximately and the facilities of an American city.  It also included a modern 270-bed hospital considered one of the best in Southeast Asia and a flight line capable of handling the biggest jet transports.

The welcome preparations for the POWs was called 'Operation Homecoming'.   There were approximately 2,000 military personnel assembled at Clark to bring the prisoners home. 

During their stay at Clark, the POWs were paired with military escorts.  After processing the POWs,  they were flown to military hospitals designated in the U.S. for family reunions and additional medical treatment.


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C-141 plane that carried POW's from North & South Vietnam





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Local people in Pampanga came to welcome the POW's.

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POWroute.JPG (12502 bytes)POW routes to Freedom.- Hanoi in No. Vietnam and Loc Ninh in So. Vietnam to Clark Air Base in the Philippines.


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The hospital at the US Clark Air Base in Pampanga, Philippines.


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Families and friends of POW's cheered as they came out of the plane.