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Dedication Page

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We dedicate this web site to our father and mother who have given us much love and support throughout the years. They are truly a blessing and we are so grateful to the Lord for having such wonderful parents.

Through their courage, faith, and perseverance during those five years, we were once more reunited as a family. 

The making of this website wasn't easy.  Our father, whom we call Papa, had lots of stories to tell.  He mentioned a lot of funny instances at first, but getting all the details was much more challenging.  On many occasions while narrating,   he would wipe the tears from his eyes and when he got all choked up, we took a long break.    A week later, we would add more details....we had no idea that after all these years, it was still a painful memory.  We didn't cry with him, but during the editing and building process, in private, we cried as well.

Mama's story was much more upbeat, mainly concentrating on the 6-weeks prior to Papa's homecoming.  We didn't have to ask her what happened in those five years.... we were there!!!  We saw the tears, pain, frustration, heartache and sadness.  On the other side, we saw the love she had for us and Papa, the strength, courage, hope and determination that anyone of us could imagine.  It was her faith in the Lord and love for us that kept Mama through this challenging times.

It is necessary that we tell our father's experience in Vietnam and our mother's agonizing years of waiting.  By opening that chapter in our lives, we are able to pass on a legacy to our children or their grandchildren ...  a touching moment of our past. 

Tess, Junn, Beth, Chari & April

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We honor the soldiers that fought for their country, but never  made it home....

we salute you, we thank you, we love you.

You are not forgotten!