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One of the many snow trips - James, Krystle, Meaghan & Candice



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Gretchen, Leilah, Stephanie and step-grandchildren Tempe, Kayla & Price




Fun times with the grandchildren:

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Gretchen and Stephanie on Papa's lap at the ballpark.  They were watching Krystle's semi-finals softball competition.  "Go Krystle go"   screamed Stephanie!



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After easter egg hunting, Leilah and Gretchen blow bubbles as Mama helps Stephanie catch some.




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On Thanksgiving 1998, our family celebrated Papa's 25th year anniversary as a free man.  Here Pop was showing JB, Dorothy, Meaghan, Krystle, Candace and Gretchen how to use the slide rule he made in prison.


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Papa describing how he made the rosary and bag out of his old  pj's and  embroidery was made by using pointed chicken bone as a needle and thread from old socks. 




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