The Homecoming
Pop's story - Clark Air Base Visit

About three weeks later, shortly after the third batch of repatriates arrived at Clark, Art & I  visited our buddies.   At Clark Air Base, I met some of my "old gang" including Chuck Willis, Lew Meyer, Robert Olsen, Tom Rushton, Gary Daves, Don Rander, and Ben Purcell.  The reunion was truly moving for this was the first time we meet as free men! 

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Free at Last!
Standing (L-R):
Thomas Horio,  Lew Meyer, Jose Astorgas, Dan Rander, Bob Olsen, Ben Purcell

Sitting (L-R):
Tom Rushton, Chuck Willis, Art Balagot, Gary Daves and me


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Together at last!
All 3 VOA employees finally together ...we're the happiest men alive ...
our bond will always keep us together! 
(L-R): Pop, Chuck, Art, and Frank Tate, Manager of VOA in Baguio



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I met Ben on our march to Camp Bao Cao.  He was one of the highest ranking military personnel at Camp Bao Cao and Camp 77.

Pop with Col. Ben Purcell



USA Bound

In September 4, 1973, I attended the U.S. Department of State's Tribute of Appreciation ceremony to non-U.S.  former POWs in Washington, DC.   This triggered the migration of the whole family to the U.S.   I accepted a job at the VOA in Dixon, California and retired in 1986 after 25 years.

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(L-R) Monica Schwinn, (A German nurse, was the only female POW alive.  Here she was accompanied by German interpreters), Marc Cayer, Pop, Art (behind), Kenneth Rush (Acting Secretary of State)




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In Washington, several ex-POWs gather around to celebrate the wonderful feeling of FREEDOM!
(L-R) Ben Purcell, Chuck Willis (behind), Pop, Monika Schwinn, Dan Rander, Art Balagot.



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