Our Story
Dorothy and I were married on January 16, 1951 after a long courtship that lasted 7 years.  We moved to Baguio to look for a job.   Later that same year, Ipmour.gif (7320 bytes) started working as a Radio Technician for E.C. Page, an electronics firm.  In March 1952, my first child, Teresita, was born. Since then, I have been called 'Pop'.     In May 1953, I started working for Voice of America (VOA).    My duties involved operations and maintenance of the highly sophisticated radio relay station.

In June, 1953 , my first son, Junior was born. My next three children, Beth, Chari and Bob were born 4 years apart. My youngest son was just famsro.JPG (8586 bytes)a year old when I was given the opportunity to go to Vietnam.


Junn, Tess, Dorothy with Bob, Pop, Chari and Beth



On December 22, 1965,   Napoleon Cacdac and I flew from Manila, Philippines to Saigon where we remained overnight and boarded another plane for Hue, South Vietnam the following morning.   When we arrived at Phu Bai Airport, no one was there to meet us but torrential rains.    Nevertheless,  we walked outside the airport to seek assistance and found a couple U.S. Military personnel outside the airport.   They offered us a ride. We arrived at the VOA Manager's office in our drenched clothes and bags. 

I spent my first Christmas in Vietnam at the Staff Residence with three Americans, Charles Brannen, Joe Alexa, Alvin Freezy, and two other Filipinos, Arturo Balagot, and Napoleon Cacdac.  We celebrated a traditional American Christmas dinner.  A few weeks later, Eliseo Roco and Jovencio Yra arrived.

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