Pop and Dorothy's 40th Wedding Anniversary

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(L-R) Mr. Jensen, Pop, Mrs. Jensen, Jo Willis, Chuck Willis, Dorothy



Chuck and his wife and the Jensens were  surprise guests on our 40th anniversary.   It was good to see ol' VOA buddies and certainly wonderful to see everybody especially Chuck.   


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San Diego Reunion 1991(Vietnam P.O.W.'s)


(L-R) Jim Thompson, Bernard Diehl, Pop, Harry Ettmueller, Don Rander


Together again in a much friendlier territory.... nothing but smiles. It's always wonderful to see ex-POWs in Vietnam because we share a special bond....memories of a war-torn Vietnam and the appreciation of FREEDOM!



Chico, CA Reunion 1998 (Vietnam P.O.W.'s)

To honor ex-POWs in Vietnam (Nampows as they're called) their 25 years of freedom, the whole city of Chico pulled all their resources to fund this elaborate 2-day affair.  It was humbling to be honored and I am grateful to the people of Chico.

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Non-stop entertainment and activities for this memorable weekend.

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 Organizer and major sponsor of the Chico Nampow Reunion, Larry Juanarena (standing in blue shirt) awarding a raffle winner. Co-organizer, Lee Humiston (sitting with a maroon shirt) and wife Pam.


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Mike O'connor and Pop


I met Mike when we were transported in a truck in the Ho Chi Minh Trail.   I remember him bouncing up and down because he was lying down on the floor of the truck. He was one of the youngest military POWs - only 19 at that time.  We were both released at the same time in 1973.  25 years later, I was glad to see him again....this time in better circumstances.

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