10th VOA Retiree Reunion

Santa Rosa, California

October 9-11 2001

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Above is a group picture of the attendees for the 10th Voice Of America Retiree Reunion which was held at the Flamingo Resort Hotel in Santa Rosa, California October 9-11 2001.

In Attendance were:

Candido Badua, Dorothy Badua, Devere Chick, Kay (Sanders) Chick, Carl Cleveland, Bea Cleveland, Hal Cupps, Dale Ira, Don Droegemeyer, Edna Droegemeyer, Walter S. Engel, Robert Ferguson, Ann Ferguson, Wally Freeman, Linda Freeman, Rita Gabriz, Dot Gronert, Christy Gronert, George Jenson, Cecilia Jenson, Emmy Lou(M) Keller, Chris McMinn, Betsy McMinn, Lorraine Murawsky, Jan Murawsky, Kathy Murawsky, Kathleen O'Malley, Lloyd Schuchmann, Fonda Schuchmann, Andrew Sipos, Giselle Sipos, Maxie Smith, LuAnne Steininger, Gordon Stone, Jean Stone, Jo Willis, Mike Nardi and Gay Nardi.













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